California Bearing Ratio Test HAND operated LABYZEN




       California Bearing Ratio Test (CBR) (Hand Operated) (SOIL 103)

      LABYZEN hand operated California Bearing Ratio (CBR) Test set
     equipment consists one each of the following:

      -  Load Frame, Hand operated, Capacity 5000kg, with high and low rates of travel of the load screw.
      - CBR Mould 150mm internal dia x 175mm high
      - Perforated base plate and extension collar 50mm high.
      - Penetration piston, face dia 50mm with adjustable bracket for penetration dial gauge.
      - Circular metal space disc, 148mm dia x 47. 7mm high, with detachable handle.
      - Annular metal weight, 2. 5 kg. , 147mm dia with 53mm dia central hole.
      - Slotted metal weight, 2. 5 kg. , 147 mm dia with 53 dia slot.
      - Perforated plate made of gun-metal / brass 148mm dia with adjustable stem and lock nut
      - A metal tripod for dial gauge.
      - Cutting collar
      - Rammer 2. 6 kg weight with drop of 310mm.
      - Rammer 4. 89 kg weight with drop of 450mm.
      - Proving Ring 50KN with dial gauge 0.002mm,5mm
      - Dial gauge 0.01mm, 25mm

      NOTE: We reserve the right to change the design and specification without notice.


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